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Sparking the industry to excel as surveyors.

Rely aims to challenge the international maritime investigation sector with its thoroughly contemporary & innovative business model, saving our clients their precious time, energy and money.

What sets Rely apart from the competition:

Easier to engage

Our services are easier to engage than other comparable or larger-size firms, where the waiting times are longer with fiddly procedures and “red tape”

Focused on providing quality

We are focused on providing streamlined efficiency and high-quality results as opposed to unproductive procedures that can waste your valuable time and money

Competitive on rates

We are competitive on rates thanks to a leaner operational setup and lower overhead costs, thus ensuring the minimum amount of hassle and the maximum amount of transparency and value for your budget

Area Hubs.

These are the cornerstone of our business: they guarantee consistent performance of high-profile resources, thus producing incredible value for clients. They provide to our clients:

• An exceptional and homogeneous standard of quality service;
• Flawless relationship management and effective, open communication with clients;
• Continuous availability and selection of tried-and-trusted skills and resources within the Certified Expert Network;
• Supervision of the entire claim process from beginning to end, with frequent follow-up and maximum transparency.

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Certified Expert Network.

A defining key asset that adds to Rely’s value proposition. Knowledge at a local level coupled with a profound understanding of international marine service markets and processes is what makes Rely stand out from the crowd.
Because of this, we offer our clients:

• World-class expertise and guaranteed skills in diversified fields
• A rapid response capability on both a national and worldwide scale
• Works under the supervision of the Company Hubs

Partner Network.

At Rely, we work tirelessly and effectively in sparking the next generation Partner Network, which enables us to leverage its extensive and wide-reaching platform of hubs and experts, ensuring continued geographic expansion and the ultimate in responsiveness.

• A more functional, serviceable and real alternative to multinationals
• An expansive offering of end-to-end services around the world
• Multi-faceted industry knowledge, providing a comprehensive array of skills and specialized expertise

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