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Main Engine failure 01

Chittagong port in Bangladesh

623-foot-long bulk carrier arrived in laden condition in front of Chittagong port in Bangladesh and anchored at Alpha outer anchorage ahead of another vessel, waiting for permission to enter the port for discharging part of her cargo. The day after, the vessel began dragging due to very strong current and, despite vessel Master attempt by engine to avoid the collision, hit by stern against the bow of the vessel anchored nearby.

Cracks in way of the blades tip for approximately 300 mm were ascertained by local divers as well as damages to deck “A”, port side shell plate and upper deck port quarter. Moreover, since the collision occurred with the Main Engine running ahead, the anchor chain of the other vessel got entangled and stopped momentarily the ship moving ahead, creating a whiplash effect causing the forward movement of the Main Engine crankshaft shifting it and damaging the thrust pads and the bedplate.

Consequently, the attending maker technicians declared the engine not fit for operation due to the crank throw slippage, which effects the fuel, exhaust and cylinder lubrication timing.

Owners was, therefore, forced to discharge at Chittagong also the remaining cargo and arrange for vessel towing to Singapore for performing relevant Main Engine repair.

Inter alia, the crankshaft needed to be replaced and the fwd bulkhead of Engine Room adjacent to cargo hold no. 5 was necessary to be cut for extracting the shaft as well as erecting heavy pillars and two levels of crossbeams to lift the Main Engine frames.

The repairs lasted about 11 months and the total claimed amount was about 11,000,000 USD.