Main areas of expertise

We operate globally through directly managed Area Hubs and, locally, its network of Certified Experts and Partner

Marine Surveys


At Rely, we offer an extensive Hull & Machinery (‘H&M’) service to our clients backed by our unique, combined industry experience. Our worldwide Certified Expert Network is available 24/7 to help assess, carry out, and manage each specific survey and inspection, afterwards offering cost estimates for repair, details regarding the extent & duration of the process, and managing each and every step for all H&M Marine claims regardless of our client’s location. Our state-of-the-art area hubs provide continuous casualty and claim support.

Our hull & machinery expertise focuses on the following topics:

  • Failure cause investigation
  • Damage surveys
  • Advice on repair solutions and costs
  • Post repair review of repair accounts


Our extensive work with P&I (Protection and indemnity) Clubs encompass a wide range of services and support, such as prevention of risks, casualty investigations, and other jobs.
We have been instructed on a variety of casualties on behalf of P&I Clubs, and our surveyors possess expertise in: 

  • Collision
  • Grounding
  • Wreck removal operations
  •  Pollution
  • Protection of Unseaworthiness in GA cases


Our LoH expertise focuses on the following topics:

  • Failure cause investigations
  • Damage surveys
  • Cost and time of repair
  • Matter affecting time of repair
Exclusive Expertise


Our extensive knowledge of the yacht insurance market makes us an industry leader in all types of related surveys and processes.


Part of our team is expert in LNG vessel since they either sailed as crew member of this kind of vessel or attended a specialized course. Our experience is available to perform the casualty investigation in case of failure of the complicated systems installed on board the LNG vessels.

Paint Experts

Our experts provide a detailed investigation and analysis of coating failures in order to define the causes of defects. We can carry out laboratory analysis and report the description of the defects and the root cause of the failure.

Assistance in litigation in court and arbitration

Our experience is available to sustain our clients in any dispute. With the knowledge of our experts, we can assist lawyers on all technical aspects to prove our allegation and achieve the desired results.

Casualties Investigations

Our can-do attitude and streamlined approach towards all kinds of casualty investigations help us guide our clients quickly and effortlessly through the process. Rely offers:

  • VDR and AIS data decoding and analysis, including transcription of the audio conversation
  • Reconstruction of the event such as collision, grounding or any other incident
  • Dynamic representation on nautical charts
  • Technical comments and advise on the incident according to International Rules such as COLREG

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