We are keen to bring a new level of competence and efficiency to the maritime insurance field and spark an international network of surveyors all over the world

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Giuseppe Averame e Lorenzo Lonoce  


Founded by Giuseppe Averame (former STA) and Lorenzo Lonoce (former GME), experienced professionals from established international firms boasting over 70 years of history, Rely is fast becoming an innovative player in the Marine consulting world. Founded on the basis of a unique Vision, Mission, and Values statement, Rely offers a dynamic, modern alternative to the usual tiresome business model by employing a vast yet tight-knit international network of Certified Specialists and Business Partners to get the job done.

With fully operative Area Hubs in Italy, Monaco and Singapore, and others opening in the Emirates and the U.S., as well as working with numerous other rapid-responding partner locations, Rely offers its esteemed clients the best in first-rate quality service, competitive rates, and dedicated quality service and support. Whether your firm is small, mid-sized, or the largest in our industry, we have the capabilities, expertise and professionalism to offer you the best services in the business. 


To become the independent outsourcing firm of choice for the marine sector.
To innovate the industry with a business model designed to deliver services in the most appropriate, brilliant and timely manner.   


Be the firm of choice for surveying services thanks to: 
1) The ability to deal with every assignment with the utmost professional accuracy.
2) The Area Hubs, through which we best serve the international growth of our customers, including ours. 
3) An innovative business model, where experts and partners work with Rely on a platform that guarantees efficiency and the highest standards.


At Rely, our enduring professional ethics, sound principles, and flexible approach towards mediation govern how we approach every client and project, and serve as the solid backbone of our company. In addition, we believe in the following key pillars of our work and approach:

Orientation to perfection:

exemplified in our drive for professional, well- balanced responses, helping our clients get the most out of their projects.


our size and innovative business model allow us to work with agility; our self-determining mentality and approach are the driving force of our choices for our clients.

Fairness and transparency:

this guarantee is the cornerstone of all our communications with our valued clients, and shines through our commitment in achieving the optimum results for your job every time, and in all that we do.

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